This shot is not award winning.  It’s good, it’s solid, maybe even great, but not award winning.  But this is a lesson in why you should always try your best and bring your A game to everything.

The assignment was a string quartet in a library, just about as boring a set up as you can get.  People sitting, playing instruments, in a place with standard everything.

I could have just walked in, got a tight shot of a performer, and walked out in two minutes.  That would have been sufficient.

Never shoot for sufficient.  Always get a shot that is sufficient-in case you have to leave for some reason-but never shoot for sufficient.

It’s up to you to put the burden on yourself to produce something different, something better.

Before even taking a shot, I walked the entire room twice. Angles weren’t helping, by the time it started I didn’t have anything but sufficient.

After enjoying some of the music, I saw an angle on the stairs that might be better.  I took it, something a little better than sufficient.

It wasn’t until I came down the stairs that this angle caught my eye, after about another ten minutes of people coming and going, I had the shot I wanted.

Always bring your A game.  Now the next thing, color or B&W?



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