Pro photographer leaving Beijing/China permanently and need to sell the bigger items. A few things regarding the gear.

Everything is in good working order, with normal wear marks and some Beijing dust. Preferred method is pick up (Near Prince Gong’s Mansion).

I will let you take a look at my “misc box” of small photo accessories and let you take a few things for free for your trouble in getting over to pick it up.

Full Set of Photos here:

Contact 1world1eye (at) if interested or have questions

Complete photographic lighting setup for sale. Package as follows, refer to photos for details of things. SOLD AS A SET WILL NOT SPLIT.

2-Godox Smart 300sdi studio strobes w/ softboxes power and sync cords

Specs here:

2-360w continuous light (4x90w) bulbs w/ softboxes

Similar to:

1-Light table, not pictured, broken down, similar to:–3987574_4914544.html

4-light stands

1-complete backdrop set with two light stands, crossbar, and green cloth backdrop

1-Beauty dish (for Godox)

1-Super Huge green/blue screen pop up

1-Huge 5 in 1 reflector/diffuser

1-Big 5 in 1 reflector/diffuser

2-Umbrellas (one white shoot through, one silver reflective)

1-Long soft bag for backdrop and stands

1-Long hard bag for everything else

1-Lowepro bag for studio lights

1-Boom arm

4-different small flash and strobe adaptors

1-Wireless trigger set (1-transmitter 2-receivers)


1-extension cord with multiple outlets

Plus a few other misc stuff I will offer up

2500rmb firm, it is a great deal, almost double that if you buy individually

Other things for sale:

-Camranger wireless camera control system, with extra battery and pouch/charger-1500rmb-never used


-MeFoto carbon fiber tripod with two heads and bag. Very used, still works, but a lot of dings and scratches. Goes above head height-1000rmb

Specs similar to this but with one less column:

-Plastic video camera rig for shoulder-100rmb

-Metal cage with adapters for shooting video with your dslr-200rmb

-Small LED light with battery and charger-250rmb

-Big aluminum case-300rmb

-Smaller aluminum case with insert-200rmb

-Guitar with case, strings, and tuner-200rmb NEVER USED….

-Camera Backpack (have inserts)-200rmb

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