I never heard of TFP before, and I never do free work unless it’s for charity.  But when Nina from Faceslap asked me to do a shoot, and its something I don’t do very often (fashion), and I was bored-summer is slow here-I said sure.

The concept is simple, professionals from different disciplines-photography, make up artists, and models-get together and create something that is beneficial to all, and that we can use in our portfolios.

Their concept was something along the lines of progressively covering up the body, in a Miro-esque type of look, with the body fading into the background so you could only see certain parts.  I took the images, some from the same angle as the model got had more and more covered up, then eventually they went to full black.

Besides having fun, and the model almost passing out…it was a learning experience for me. I am normally a one man show, sometimes with at most a few assistants when doing video, but working in groups on a bigger shoot is not something I usually don’t do.  It was a good way to see how others work, know my place in the shoot, and what I need to do and not.  It really helps having others there, I can focus on shooting, lighting, and posing, and not have to worry if some paint, hair or makeup is going awry.

I needed to make the exposure bright enough for details, but then later darken everything to make her blend in more.  I also learned how to make gifs in Photoshop, quick and easy step-by-step here.

Some of the gifs are below, and the last two images of the gallery were of the CCTV doing a feature on Nina (which is why she needed to get this shoot together, I will post on it when it is finished) and a cute one of the other Nina-the model.


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