Note to self, if you go out, you should probably schedule a post in advance so you are not rushing home to get something up before midnight…

Winter is about to start here in Beijing, the heaters are turning on, vegetables are being stockpiled all over the hutongs.  A habit from the old days when supplies weren’t available year round.

To hark back to days of yore I present this link to every single photographer that has worked for Life magazine.  You can also search by decade.

Their motto, “The impact of photos, the weight of words.”

Here is a shot of a woman preparing for dinner, the social aspect of the hutongs is one that is missing now.  A big reason for her to puck the old leaves off the lettuce in her doorway-other than better light and space-is that people who walk by strike up a conversation.  Asking how she is, whats for dinner, simple but meaningful gestures of kindness to your neighbor.

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