Just as Mother’s Day was arriving, I had the privilege to do two maternity shoots with expectant mothers.  This was the first time I did something like this, and it seemed to be a success.

It also made me understand that I am, I guess, a “natural photographer”  The parallel can be drawn from athletics, a “natural athlete” is someone who excels at almost any sport they do.

Even though none of the photographs was cutting edge or different (we all did our homework and the clients choose most of the ideas), I got into what athletes call “the zone”.

I feel that no matter what it is (except maybe for event photography 🙂 I am taking pictures of, I love doing it, and try my best to do everything possible.

A natural photographer.

Or just someone who loves to take pictures.

Here are some from the shoot, as well as how I processed them, and then some fun behind the scenes. Thanks to Chelin of Chelin Miller Photography and Priscilla for the help!





This one was the hardest, I had to increase the space around her, clean up some of the background, then mess around with the exposure after.  The rest were just some minor touch up to skin and then some filters in Perfect Photo Suite 7.
































































And the fun ones 🙂








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