I recently visited Ordos, a brand new “ghost city” with almost no inhabitants.  There have been plenty of stories already done regarding the city, but I thought I would try a new take on it.   This was also a test of the in camera panoramic feature of my Fuji X-pro 1.  I wanted to see how it worked, and how well it stitched the images together.

I tried to find places in the city which would be normally populated, the main library and museum, two beautiful pieces of architecture.  Some main roads, a huge park by the river, and some other places of interest.  I was hoping the images would add to the feeling of these grand spaces being (almost) completely desolate of people.  There were a few, but for a Friday afternoon, it seemed rather dead.

The feature worked pretty well, only problems I found was with organice structures, it had problems lining them up, which could have also been me trying to sweep exactly on the medium line.  There were also some problems with the skies being segregated, which I think was the camera choosing an image too far in advance to make a smooth transition.

All in all I really had a lot of fun with it, and the almost 180 degree sweep makes for looking at things a whole new way.

You can see the full rez images here on my Flickr, I did no editing or touch up, these are SOOC (straight out of the camera).


















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