Now that it has been published, I can post some images from the day I shot an assignment for Helsinki Sonamat Newspaper in Findland.

It was about a Finnish couple coming here to adopt Aurora Xingli, a cute 4 year old from just outside of Nanjing, China.

One of the tougher assignments I’ve had to do, she was just old enough to know what was going on, and about half way through the day she started to freak out.  By the time I left them, things seemed to get better.

For the technical peeps out there, I went between my Canon 5D MkIII with a 50 1.4 and my 70-200 f4 and my Fuji X-Pro 1 with the 18mm f2.

I hope they are all doing ok, I hope to visit them when I get to Finland, maybe soon 🙂



Mom and daughter, first contact.



Brother trying to console sister, who was crying.

20130318_sanomat_adoption_1499First family portrat together.

20130318_sanomat_adoption_0127Having a hard time with the transition.

20130318_sanomat_adoption_0338Leave it to Apple to bring a family together…

20130318_sanomat_adoption_1746Going back to the hotel from the adoption office.
























Getting comfortable.

20130318_sanomat_adoption_0457Loving the juice.
























Fun time.

20130318_sanomat_adoption_0546Reach for it, one of my favorites.

20130318_sanomat_adoption_2199Lunch time.

20130318_sanomat_adoption_0751Nap time.

20130318_sanomat_adoption_0880Connecting with dad.

20130318_sanomat_adoption_0926Playing around with sis.

20130318_sanomat_adoption_0854Freshening up before heading out.

20130318_sanomat_adoption_1119What to choose, what to choose…

20130318_sanomat_adoption_1137Building relationships.


Helping each other out.
























Pretty little girl.

20130318_sanomat_adoption_1218A new family is born.













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